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The Monetization Package

$699.00 $600.00

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Product Description

    1. Installation of Google Adsense (sign up)
    2. Installation of some of our Secondary ad networks
    3. Ad placement expertise – we know how to place the ads so that you’ll actually make money

When ordering this service:

  1. Sign up for Google AdsenseTry to make sure you have at least a few articles on your site so you have no problem getting approved, and so we have something to work with when designing your ad placements.
  2. When checking out include the email address you want us to use for signing up to additional ad networks.

It really depends on your site’s traffic and to some degree its niche as far as which ad networks will be available to you. For beginning sites there are limited options, and even for larger sites Google Adense tends to remain a good performer. That said, even smaller sites can utilize some other ad networks we have seen some great things from on various sites of ours. Let us show you our top picks for your site. We will do all the work (applying for the account, getting and inserting the code on your site), including optimizing placement of ads to make sure they perform as well as possible.