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Our online solutions are designed to help black business owners identify and capitalize on the opportunities created by the web and give you overall confidence online.



Glide Over the Learning Curve

Why not learn from other successful website creators, right?

Use the same tools Dr. Boyce Watkins does on his sites professionally setup and configured on your site.

From getting your first site up and running, to integrating social media profiles, and optimizing advertising, let our web professionals utilize the same tried and tested tools, SEO and social media techniques to boost your web presence.

The rest is up to you and your brilliant content!

black business web hosting

It all Starts with a Solid Host…

Let our team of web professionals set up your site on one of our recommended hosts. You choose from a selection of premium themes, give direction about how you need the theme tweaked; whatever you need to best make your online statement, and we’ll make sure it’s setup on the best host and configured for your unique needs.

Get technical support from the same professionals who keep our successful sites running. For on-call support check out our Technology Management Services.

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If Content is King…

Complimenting the organic traffic your site garners with social media integration, is the number one way to bring the rest of the internet (not just search engine users) to your site. If content is king, social media presence is definitely queen.

Let our experts get your site integrated with the social media sites of your choice, then start publishing to your new social accounts from within your website. With the click of your mouse announce your content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other networks, getting in touch with a larger audience.

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Return on Investment…

You work hard to offer quality content, products or services! Why not get something in return? Let us help with every step of monetizing your site by applying our many years of experience regarding getting sites to make cash. We’ll set your site up to do the same!

Have a product or service to sell? Check out the Ecommerce package which comes with all the bells and whistles but a super simple interface anyone can use. You can send over your products and our ecommerce developers will populate your online store so you can dive in and start selling online!


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